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AINACS is a non-governmental Association, representing Catholic Schools in India. It was founded in 1953..Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, in January 1971.
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Learning Outcomes at Elementary Stage

The National Policy on Education 1986, and the Programme of Action 1992 emphasised that Minimum Levels of Learning MLLs) should be laid down and children`s learning should periodically be assessed to keep a track of their progress towards ensuring that “all children acquire at least the minimum levels of learning

A brief summary of the Seminar on NEP by Fr Sunny Jacob SJ 29th Nov. 2016 at Old Goa.

The Seminar has left us shaken and we are now on our way to be shaped. It was indeed an eye opener and it has revealed to us the historical background and the meticulous planning and the agenda that is being unfolded in India today.  We have been alerted to the machinations of the present dispensation and the need to unite and be vigilant, and make a study of the issues that emerge and see them in totality. We should be alert because ‘mighty intellectuals’ are driving forces that may trap us in all areas—financial, legal, political, cultural towards an effort to create a Hindu Rashtra. Fr Jacob  explained “Hindutva”, its origins and its agenda down the last century, and the forces that worked  for 90 years, leading to the emergence of ‘Modi’ and the sinister designs waiting to be sprung when the climate is right in the Parliament to amend the Constitution making India a Hindu Rashtra. He  pointed out instances where the ‘waters were being tested’ and when protests emerged, there have been back tracking, but the agenda is clear and biding its time. Mixing of politics with religion is evident and the realisation of the ideology of the Hindu nationalism, through polarisation of communities etc. The Congress rule has been projected as being bad, norms are being violated and changed and a systematic attack has been launched on Society. The National Education Policy is undermining Minority Rights, too much centralisation is proposed, so also commercialisation and corporatisation of Education along with communalisation.  The poor and the Dalit population is being trampled upon. We need to understand and debate about Justice and Equality and have a clear understanding of the correct way forward in the present scenario. The bureaucratic drafting of the NEP and the RSS stamp upon it, was revealed in Parliament by Mr Sitaram Yechury. Fr Sunny Jacob explained about the evolution of educational policies down the decades in India, the Commissions that injected fresh thinking and impetus. He spoke of the National Curriculum Framework and finally of the RTE. He stressed that education should not be a commodity but should be a service. He said the NEP was detrimental to all—it was not a minority issue but a majority issue as it affected Hindus too.  There was a nexus between communal politics, corporates  and media. He exhorted all to think critically and independently to get to the truth. He said the world is bad because of those who stand silent... Fr Sunny Jacob very eloquently and in a clear and lucid style, supported by power point and videos, had the audience enthralled and interested , and clearly shaken out of the slumber that Goans tend to live in. He reminded all, that Goa was not India, and we need to look into the national developments and prepare ourselves. He suggested the following proactive steps for our schools.  The My India Pledge, Studying and upholding the Preamble of the Indian Constitution and Celebration of common festivals to create unity. Minutes by Sr. Jesmine


AINACS is a non-governmental Association, representing Catholic Schools in India. It was founded in 1953.Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, in January 1971. Recognised by the Catholic Bishops Conference of India in September 1981 Affiliated to the International Catholic Education Organisation (OIEC) Brussels in 1958.


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